How do you communicate intimidating scientific truths in an engaging way?
How do you use art to carry some details of scientific knowledge? 
One way to hold together things together is with irony.

After teaching our peers about the latest data from 'Cut11percent', and informing them about tipping points and the catastrophic pathway of emissions that we are on, we invited them to respond by making short, poignant, or ironic videos that can be shared in social media.

Here are some of the results:
We are preparing a package of materials available to download so that anyone can launch a similar project in their school.

Social Media Videos

Short Documentary Videos

On November 20th 2018, the Climate Academy organised the first climate protest in the world to number in the hundreds.

It took place at the Schuman Roundabout (Brussels), in front of the European Commission building.

Katriina Surquin *link to Alumni page* (graduated 2020) captured all the different levels to this moment in this powerful and beautiful short film.