Climate Strikes


In Week 14 of Greta Thunberg’s demonstration, November 20th 2018, the climate academy organised the first major climate demonstration in Belgium. There were around 350 young people demonstrating outside the EU Commission buildings demanding change. Belgium is now one of the leading countries in the world for strike action on the climate crisis.

George Monbiot Event


We had the privilege of sharing an event with George Monbiot in the EU Commission on October 17th, 2019. He spoke with remarkable eloquence and depth about the climate crisis. He we devastatingly truthful about the systems failures that have let us down, but his passion for nature and his integrity left us feeling inspired. Not many people can be so blunt and yet so kind.

Professor Kevin Anderson Event


We had the privilege of sharing an event at the European Commission with leading scientist, professor Kevin Anderson (the University of Uppsala and the University of Manchester). After the event, Kevin took over an hour to sit with us, fact-check our data and analysis, and support us through a fantastic session of Q and A. “King Kevin”, thank you.