The Climate Academy takes Education about the sustainability crisis to the next level.

The Academy provides a holistic understanding of the deep and acute sustainability crisis we face for students from ages 14-18. It equips young people with the skills to transform the civic space around them in a constructive and creative way. Rooted in the security provided by authoritative science, the Academy pulls together different subjects, interests and skills.

Through a two year, trans-curricular programme, it enables students to get far beyond the usual limits and clichés in education about climate change.


The Academy fully engages with the systemic problems. It designs and delivers projects, events and media that are genuinely transformative - at many levels. 

Left to right: Michael Wadleigh, Matthew Pye and Birgit van Munster

Matthew Pye

I only found out by chance.


In 2011, I attended a talk on Sustainability that vividly demonstrated the extraordinary scale and threat of the ecological debt that was building up in the background to all the usual headlines that occupy us. I thought I was well educated, I was the head of Philosophy in a European School. I was not.


It was not just the fact that all the graphs and data pointed towards a catastrophic conclusion for humans within the lifetimes of my own children and the students that I teach, the really alarming thing was that I had found out by chance. Attending that talk was not compulsory.


Expanding the Academy Network

The Climate Academy designs and delivers projects that have a major impact, both locally and globally. We develop skills and social entrepreneurship, we foster citizenship and analysis. In collaboration with the expertise of News Decoder we also develop media literacy, skills in journalism and high-quality media publications.

If you would like to invest in our partnership, either as an individual or an institution, then you can contact us. 


We have no ambition or agenda other than the mobilisation of young people into their civic space in a safe, informed and powerful way. We have no commitments other than to the truth and to a stable environment in the future. 

Current Student

I think that most students in the world, get a really fragmented and timid education about the climate crisis. It is always something just added to another subject, and there is only ever the time to just do the basics. So we get the same thing 10 times, about how things are warming and then a quick look at some general issues. 

- Thomas Karmaker

Alumni Student


The Climate Academy rounded off my secondary school education giving me invaluable experience in a variety of different fields. Over my two years working with other students under the mentorship of Mr. Pye I learnt tremendous amounts about climate science, policy and political activism. Additionally my team work, leadership and problem solving flourished.


- Levin Meinke