About Us

The Climate Academy aims to equip youth and the media with a clear and powerful understanding of the state we are in with the climate crisis. The core ambition is to establish science-based laws in every nation to prevent ecological and social collapse. Central to this ambition is the project Cut11Percent.

The Academy provides a holistic understanding of the deep and acute sustainability crisis we face for students from ages 14-18. In a safe and nurturing environment, it equips young people with the skills and motivation to transform the civic space around them in a constructive and creative way.

The Academy was established in 2012 in collaboration with Michael Wadleigh and Birgit van Munster. They are pioneers in thinking about sustainability – and they give the Academy its scientific base and insights.

Left to right: Michael Wadleigh, Matthew Pie and Birgit van Munster


The climate crisis is a systemic crisis, it needs a systemic solution: laws. Laws that are realistic and fair. 


As a symbol of the change that is urgently required, we picked “Cut 11%”. This is because, on average, the Very Highly Developed Nations need to reduce their emissions by 11% per year, starting immediately. They are the biggest emitters, the wealthiest and healthiest, and have the resources to get us all onto the right path.