The Right to Know

Clear data about climate change should be available to everyone; this data should be free and informative.


Every citizen, as a voter and consumer should have a simple and accurate knowledge of the remaining carbon budget for 1.5°C and 2°C. 

Politicians must stop declaring their commitments in % reductions by date (x) based on emissions in date (y).

For 4 reasons:

  1. They are not based on science

  2. They are not based on the carbon budget for 1.5°C or 2°C. 

  3. They do not provide a consistent base line for        assessing progress

  4. The formulation of % and dates is unnecessarily twisted and complicated. 

Everyone should be educated and informed about the depth of the crisis. 

Schools need to be bolder, clearer and deeper in their teaching of the crisis. 

Schools need to progress and extend their student's understanding, not just repeat the basics several times. 

Schools need to be more coherent and get beyond the clichés 

The media should report on the climate with proper depth 


We are demanding laws that respect science.

Systemic change is needed because climate change is a systemic problem. Laws provide the systemic leverage that is required at this stage in the crisis. Calls for individual, voluntary actions have failed. 

Global emissions are still accelerating, not decreasing.

  A just response is needed, one that is focused on human rights, equity, and most importantly, clear data.

scales of justice.jpg
What, no dashboard?

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered a wide range of Dashboards to be set up to monitor the spread of the virus, and to guide policy making. 


There is no global Climate Change Dashboard.


Why not?   

Climate Dashboard

Cut11Percent informs every nation of the world of the emission cuts their fair responsibility to meet the Paris Agreement.


We want these numbers embedded in our laws and democracy. 


We need global awareness and understanding of this vital data.

Cut 11%

Cut 11%

What, no Climate  Index?

We have indexes for a huge range of economic data. But we have no index for the most vital statistic of all, that underpins all economic activity. 

Climate Index

Why not?

What, no Laws?

We have speed limits to stop drivers smashing into children outside school at 100kmh. 

We have laws that protect us from eating toxic food in our school canteen. 

But we don't have laws for the biggest threat to our future? 

Why not?

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